6:00pm - Introduction (Co-emcees Ricardo Dominguez and Cathy Gere)

6:10pm - Bliss Buzzers (Ramesh Rao)

6:20pm - Transborder Trash Tracking (Oscar Romo)

6:30pm - Butterflies without Borders

6:40pm - Smart Underwear and Biotattoos (Joshua Windmiller)

6:50pm - Silhouettes for the 21st Century: Refashioning Ourselves (Heidi Kayser)

7:00pm - Out of the Wor(l)d and Into a Fox: A New Experiment in Hypnotic Navigation (Hermione Spriggs)

7:10pm - Break (20 minutes)

7:30pm - Embodying the Universe: A Physical Language for Physics (Adam Burgasser)

7:40pm - Bioinspiration in Engineering (Michael M. Porter)

7:50pm - Robot Hat Day (Saura Naderi)

8:00pm - Primate Cinema: Apes as Family (Rachel Mayeri)

8:10pm - Beautiful Brains (Jacopo Annese)

8:20pm - Concluding Remarks

8:30pm - Reception

9:00pm - End

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